Protect Children out of Online Predators with Rich Features Provided by Parental Control Software

Parents nowadays are most concerned about children’s online safety, for porn, violent content, and Internet predators will lurk on the Internet, which will affect children’s physical and mental health.

The largest group of viewers of Internet porn is children between ages 12 and 17. 89% of sexual solicitations were made in either chat rooms or Instant Messages. One in five children who use computer chat rooms has been approached over the Internet by pedophiles. More than 11 million teens regularly view porn online.

As your children get older, you will face even tougher questions surrounding their right to privacy and what you have a right to know. Finding a balance between keeping your child safe and ignoring the obvious is a tough job, but it is possible. Keep your computer in a location where it is easily seen by you; if you have a laptop in the house, be sure your children are using it in a central location. And remember, communication goes a long way toward finding out what is going on. Talk to your kids and encourage them to speak up if they encounter something online that makes them uncomfortable.

Don't you want to know what your children are doing on their computer? Who are they talking to? Do they take secret chat conversations with adult strangers? Do they surf to adults sites? Is all this online communication safe? Can they post something that'll get them in trouble? Could they be cyber bullied? Do you want to restrict your child's browsing in web browser?

This keylogger is designed for parents to monitor child's online behavior. With this software, parents can grab screenshots, record sent and received mails, record chatting messages, and monitor and record visited websites. So parents shield your children from cyber bullies, predators and adult oriented websites, and ensure you have the control you need over children online activity.

The main features of keylogging software include taking screen snapshots, taking screenshots to provide you an easy way to review screen history, monitoring emails, recording all emails sent and received with details. Block emails which you consider is inappropriate and harmful to your kids, recording all visited websites with HTML tile and URL, allowing visiting specified websites or block any websites as you like. Support IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and many more browsers. What’s more, it can also monitor and record latest version MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger chatting conversations. Block IM chat outgoing files with specific file names and block specified users from sending files via IM applications.

Camera Surveillance Is Not Enough Now For Company Security

In present since the crime rate is increasing, almost all people now worry about the security of data and information stored in computer in homes, companies. The people are concerned about safety of individuals’ and company’s valuable data. A good number of people are using modern equipment such as surveillance system to safeguard the entire house or company and their property in an efficient manner. There are so many reasons to invest in surveillance system. It brings a good number of advantages for the businesses.

However, there is another concern haunting many people. As the development of science and technology, the Internet criminal rate is also rapidly increasing. The valuable data and information of individuals and companies are likely to be stolen or leaked by hackers or even the wrong usage of the computer and the Internet by employees themselves. In this case, the surveillance system such as camera monitoring device is not able to keep track of this Internet activity, what people need now is the computer logging software.

This software can aid you a lot. It can track all activities on the computer of your staff members and can improve their performance when they are noticed that they are under monitoring online during the working time, for they won’t do anything unrelated to the job. It is quite simple to monitor the all your employees’ operations on the computer from any location.

This computer monitoring software allows the business owners to monitor more than one employees’ computer at the same time. It means you can monitor your staffs’ computer activities simultaneously. There are several reasons monitoring employees’ computer during the working hours, one of which is that monitoring the employees’ online activities will help the employers to get the first-hand intelligence and take measures to remedy the loss when the employees carelessly leak the data via the network. What’s more, monitoring staffs’ computer, this action itself will force employees to work harder and do nothing no concerning about the work. In this aspect, the computer tracking software will add more benefits for the company owners. By installing this software you can minimize the chances of any criminal activities in office premises.

In conclusion, if you have the slightest worry, then what you really need is a good employee monitoring program. Even the simplest of modern mac keylogger software give you invaluable information, but if you get one of the better ones you can do so much more. You should go out, do some research, and buy the best that you can find.

Password Protection for Folder Can Block Unauthorized Access

If you store your private or confidential data or information in your computer or share the company’s secret data on the LAN, you may be concerned about the data security in your computer or unauthorized access to the shared data on the LAN. If you want to save passwords or login info in the 'My Documents' folder, or keep files that are unsuitable for kids or other personal associates, or files with appreciated material that can be stolen or lost. Significant files and folders like these needs password defense so that intruders or illegal users cannot access, read, view, copy, move or delete them. Files and binders left defenseless can lead to theft, data loss and openings of your privacy, costing you discomfiture, money, lost data, maybe even your job. If you are a unpremeditated PC user, and want to defend personal photographs, videos, pictures, economic info, passwords, individual letters and info that would be unsuitable for your kids, networks or co-workers.

Don’t worry, the third party software such as folder locker will provide you with the more comprehensive protection for your data. It can hide your files and folders securely from getting viewed and searched by unauthorized users. It can also make your files and folders completely inaccessible for all the other users except you, can also make your data write protected and delete proof.

When someone tries to access any of the protected file or folder, a dialogue box appears on the screen asking for the password. If correct password is entered, only then the user gets access to the file or folder, otherwise not.

This software won’t alter your protected files and folders. With it, you can password protect files, folders which can contain drives, installed programs and applications, and system wide extensions. Since folder locker is completely compatible with all favors of Windows, Vista and Windows 7, 8, you can easily password protect folders in any Windows OP.

Password Protecting folder is suitable for people who wish to protect significant files or highly subtle data. It is also suitable for people who require moving data from one computer to another using email, USB/External drives or people who require upholding secure backups of their work on Hard Drives or CD/DVD-RW. Folder locker uses 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption. Unlike slow encryption packages, Folder locker's encryption takes instants even if it is GBs of data. This is due to the progressive knowledge called 'Virtual Drive Encryption'. Using this technology, folder locker doesn't decrypt each and every file when it mounts the data controlled in the 'locker', it decrypts only those files that user want access to the things.

A Strong USB Encryption Resolution will Reduce Risks of Data Leakage

USB security is not only a matter that every single person should consider any longer, but every enterprise and organization should also take it seriously. As the development of portable and mass storage, groups as well as individuals are all advocating the usage of portable storage devices for data backup and transmission, therefore, USB copy protection is accordingly carried to the table. Password protecting USB flash dives will reduce the potential unnecessarily treats and loss caused by confidential and proprietary data leakage. 


A strong password can give a flash drive a good base level of security but USB encryption adds a whole new level of security. The fact is that passwords are discovered and the outcome is that information is then available to unauthorized users. USB encryption however prevents the data from being accessed even if the password is compromised. Without the proper encryption code the data will not be accessible, transmittable or exploitable. Drives using USB encryption protect valuable personal and business data during transmission.


If a company utilizes mobile data then USB encryption is essential to protect data. When data is accessed an attempt may be made to intercept the data and gain access. USB encryption will prevent the interceptor from gaining access and exploiting the data being transmitted. Interception can be passive in the fact the hacker can be unseen and hidden from the user. When a drive with USB encryption is implemented it will make no difference if the illegal access is passive or if active possession of the drive has been gained. Access to data will be denied to the unauthorized user.


The use of drives with a strong authentication process are important and when used in conjunction with USB encryption locks down data in an electronic fortress. Those that would attempt to gain access will be disappointed. Companies utilizing sensitive and confidential data must implement the use of USB encryption to show due diligence to their customers. People today expect companies and institutions to act responsibly with personal and confidential data. Drives not using advanced USB encryption are an open invitation to hackers and thieves to take as much of the data as they want. This would be unacceptable to a company when the technology is available to secure their data.


A great USB encryption offers the most advanced algorithm available on the market today. 128 bit USB encryption has proven to be the most secure software for protecting important and confidential data. A fight against illegal access to sensitive information must include advanced technology. Drives that feature the most advanced USB encryption software will eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to data and virtually eliminate the risk of data compromise.